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European Legacy Tours offers customized tours enabling Guests to visit Poland's Jewish past and present in the most meaningful way.

With European Legacy Tours Jewish visitors will:

• explore their family past
• witness today's Jewish revival
• visit places affected by Holocaust: Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka and other former Nazi extermination camps
• meet the Jewish survivors (Children of the Holocaust),
• help rebuild Jewish life by contributing to local organizations
• visit Jewish museums, synagogues, historical sites, and cemeteries
• take part in cultural events
• join Shabbat ceremonies and dinners in Krakow or Warsaw
• celebration of religious holidays
• visit off the tourist track of villages, shtetls and cities
• encounter local historians
• see houses where your family lived, and follow the steps of your ancestors
• meet rabbis or important members of Jewish communities
• get assistance of our best guides, who are personable, attentive experts but they can also become part of your family
• trace your ancestry and build your genealogy, and family history by researching extensive birth records, census data, school diaries and other
accessible data.
• get the first class transportation and accommodations

Please let us know about your needs and expectation. Give us the list of places of your interest. If you worry that you have them misspelled we will use our best knowledge to make sure you are going to visit the proper place.