Kanczuga Shtetl and Lancut

memorable visit exploring jewish traces Kanczuga, Siedleczka, Ulm family Museum & Lancut My clients from the USA who intended to visit Kanczuga, a small town in the south-west Poland, planned their trip in advance. Richard, his brother Allan and their wives Cindy and Tina had only one day on account of their trip to Paris. […]

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Holocaus memorial


Berlin is a trendy city the bold architecture and hotspots of this have the energy of a capital reborn, but Berlin remembers being on the frontline of many pivotal and, dark moments in the 20th century. On 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, with the eyes of the world watching. The Wall was the

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Since the heyday of Habsburg Empire the city is still flecked with opera houses, palaces, museums. Its architectural formalwear makes the city seem sterile, however, Vienna is known as one of the world’s most livable cities thanks to their omnipresent Viennese cafes, near-pristine lakes and rivers. Vienna is like a citadel of high art, classical

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Prague has plenty to offer the travelers, no matter whether you are the art connoisseur, the shopaholic, the culture hound, or the couple seeking a romantic destination. This stunning, fairytale city, together with the Czech culture, provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate. Prague is known as The Heart of Europe,The Golden City, and The City

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19th-century romantic grandeur of Budapest makes it one of Eastern Europe’s top cities. Hungary’s parliament building is one example of Hungary’s symbolic architecture. Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture of this amazing city drips with details. Numerous other buildings, like the Great Market Hall, glow with the beauty of the past. Charming streets, representative buildings, great

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Jewish Grave with stones on it


Located in the Lublin district, Belzec was initially a slave labor camp. The construction of extermination camp in Belzec began in November 1941, with the addition of three gas chambers. Belzec camp was not very large in area. It was the first, though, Nazi camp to have stationary gas chambers. This camp was divided into

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Extermination camp was located in the district of Lublin, in Nazi occupied Poland, close to the village and railway station of Sobibor. The Nazis established the camp in March 1942. Approximately half a million Jews were murdered there between April 1942 and October 1943. This camp was closed down at the end of 1943 after

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Majdanek camp  is one of the six death camps built by the German/Nazi occupation forces and the SS in occupied Poland. Today the camp actually is in the city limits of Lublin, Poland. Originally a POW camp for Soviet prisoners, camp authorities started using Zyklon B to murder prisoners, and the camp continued to serve that purpose until

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Mazury Lake Region

The beauty of the region of Mazurian Lakes is truly astonishing. Wigry National Park, located in the north-east part of Poland, in Podlasie Voivodeship, was opened on January 1st, 1989. The total area of the Park is 15,085 ha. Forests (63 %) and surface waters (19 %) cover the major part of its area. 623

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Baltic sea in Poland rivate tour

Hel Peninsula

“The Cow’s Tail, Europe’s pedestrian pier and Hel’s Scythe, these are only a few of the expressions used for the 34-km-long sandy stretch of land – the Hel Peninsula. It is a wonderful and magic place, the width of which is sometimes only 250 metres, and it constitutes one of the biggest tourist attractions in

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