Jewish Heritage

European Legacy Tours offers customized expeditions allowing our guests to visit Poland’s Jewish past and present in an insightful and intimate manner. Each heritage trip is an emotionally stirring, and once-in-a-lifetime event. Our team is here to assist you along all the steps of your research into the past of your family and render logistics of your journey safe and smooth. Polish history and Jewish heritage of Central and Eastern Europe are profoundly interwoven providing for an experience that is both fascinating and gripping. With the deepest respect and topical savvy, we will reveal to you the rich and diverse world of Central European Jewry before it was obliterated by the Nazi regime.

We offer you a chance to learn in depth.

We will help you with:

• exploring your family past
• witnessing today’s Jewish revival
• visiting Auschwitz – Birkenau, Majdanek, Treblinka and other former Nazi extermination camps
• arranging meetings with the Jewish survivors and Children of the Holocaust
• aiding the Jewish legacy by contributing to local organizations
• visiting Jewish museums, synagogues, shtetls, and cemeteries
• taking part in cultural events
• joining Shabbat ceremonies and dinners in Krakow or Warsaw community centers.
• celebrating religious holidays
• visiting villages, shtetls and cities and town off the beaten path.
• meeting local historians
• visiting places where your family lived, and learning their history
• meeting local luminaries of Jewish communities
• acquiring the assistance of highly qualified and attentive experts
• tracing your ancestry and recreating your genealogy, and family history by researching extensive birth records, census data, school diaries and other accessible data.
• getting the first class transportation and accommodations

Please let us know about your needs and expectations. Send us the list of places of your interest prior to your visit. If you are concerned that you have them misspelled, you can rely on us to decipher it you.


Genealogy travel, also known as ancestry travel or family tree travel involves making a trip to the land of your ancestors to research your family history.

It might take months or years of research before you’re ready to visit your ancestral homeland, therefore we are offer our assistance in planning every step of your visit, together with conducting research online, and on location.

Our Guests find ancestral travel to be among the most satisfying events of their lives.

Many details should be considered before embarking on your ancestry journey therefore we advise to contact us in advance.

With us you have a chance visit places you might have never considered otherwise. Travel planning stage may call for some tough choices. On the basis of information we receive from our clients we can help you discover lost connections that they could never have imagined. A village or town mentioned by your ancestor may very well end up an attractive tourist destination than merely the ancestry spot.

Your ancestral ethnicity or nationality is likely a diverse mix, however, majority of our clients travel to Poland and Eastern Europe to investigate the past of their Jewish or Christian ancestors.

Prior to your tour make sure you have exhausted resources at home and ask family members to provide you with as much information as possible. Please send us the ship manifest, birth, or death records if available, photos, or any kind of correspondence. Please pack the family letters or postcards, even though they might be written in a language you don’t speak. We will help you determine which place your ancestors spoke about.

Genealogy research might dredge up unexpected details, and you should be ready for almost anything. Be ready for the truth being very different from what you might expect.

Don’t hesitate to contact us prior to the tour. European Legacy Tours works with experts, and we have a wide access to all sorts of database. This will result in your tour becoming especially fruitful, which will always be remembered.

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