Mazury Lake Region

The beauty of the region of Mazurian Lakes is truly astonishing. Wigry National Park, located in the north-east part of Poland, in Podlasie Voivodeship, was opened on January 1st, 1989. The total area of the Park is 15,085 ha. Forests (63 %) and surface waters (19 %) cover the major part of its area. 623 ha which consists of 120 ha of forests are strictly protected. Agriculturally managed areas are encompassed by landscape protection. The most interesting historical sites include among others monastery complex built in the years 1694 to 1745, that remained after the Wigry Camaldolese Order.

The area of present day Augustów had been inhabited by tribes of Yotvingian until the end of the 13th century. They were finally defeated in 1283 by Teutonic Knights. After the fall of the Yotvingians, this land was depopulated and not inhabited until 1422. Augustów was founded by the King Sigismund II Augustus. This king was truly delighted with Mazury, thus decided to establish a town here. On 17thMay 1557, Augustów received municipal rights of Magdeburg. Augustów owes its name and crest to the initials S.A. (king Sigismund Augustus) as its founder. Sigismus Augustus was the last king of the Jagiellonian dynasty.


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