Prague has plenty to offer the travelers, no matter whether you are the art connoisseur, the shopaholic, the culture hound, or the couple seeking a romantic destination.

This stunning, fairytale city, together with the Czech culture, provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate.

Prague is known as The Heart of Europe,The Golden City, and The City of a Hundred Spires. Prague has earned its many names thanks its breathtaking views, history, architecture, and culture.

Gold-tipped towers, bridges, cathedrals, are a few of the features that make Prague so remarkable. Untouched by World War II, the historical center of Prague has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Apart from the city’s restaurants which are truly cosmopolitan you will find a local cuisine here which is typically a hearty mix of meats, potatoes, dumplings, and cabbage. Wide selection of traditional pubs and eateries, as well as trendy cafes throughout the city add a lot to is atmosphere. More than anything, the Czech Republic is known for its beer, widely considered the world’s best brew. The legendary nightlife in Prague has options catering to all tastes.


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Prague has plenty to offer the travelers, no matter whether you are the art connoisseur,…

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