Private tours

A journey of a lifetime awaits after booking a private tour with European Legacy Tours. We offer special, unique, and personalized services for private guests. We operate in the city of Krakow, its surroundings, and across Poland, and the Eastern Europe. We understand and recognize your individual requirements and needs contributing to effortless, pleasurable, authentic, and unforgettable travel experience. Choosing our services, you will have a chance to enjoy authentic local interactions.

Benefits of Going on a Personalized Tour

Cater to Your Interests – Whatever your personal interests, a personalized tour can make it happen.

Take Your Time – With a personalized tour, you can take your time and make your vacation exactly what you want it to be.

Customize Any Way You Want It – The beauty of a customized tour is that you’re not stuck with a rigid schedule. Even if you follow the main tourist route, you still get to do it on your terms.

Increased Safety and Security – By booking a private, customized tour, you won’t have to worry about your safety, we take care of everything during your stay

Tailored to Your Budget – Whatever your budget allows, you can customize a tour to match it.

Greater Insight and Access –  While traveling with a private guide often gain quicker access to major attractions. 

You are welcome to contact us, and first tell us about your ideal journey, then our travel consultant will create a detailed itinerary for your tour, complete with sightseeing, hotels and insider access activities which are going to be arranged specially for you. First itinerary is never a final one. We will be reefing it until it comes up exactly in a form you are looking for. Tell us what makes your ideal Journey, and we will create a detailed itinerary for your tour, including the sightseeing, hotels and activities arranged specially for you, and we’ll reef it until it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Once your journey is planned let us handle and finalize the details. At the end we will provide all the information you need to prepare for your journey. You will be enjoying every moment for as long as you travel with us! The moment you arrive at your destination, we will take care of you 24h a day from behind the scenes.


Personal, attentive, one-on-one service

Carefully selected expert guides


Flexible itinerary and tours tailored and suited to every type of a traveler

Visits in the most authentic luxury properties

Meeting local experts and representatives


Most luxurious private cars and limousines

Spanning luxury 5-star hotels, or luxury lodging, like palaces

Private jet, chartered yacht or helicopter flights


Front-of-line access to the world-famous sites

Reserved seating at guest’s selection of events (concerts, theatre shows etc.)

Fine-dining in exquisite local restaurants

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