Baloon flight in Wieliczka Salt Mines UNESCO Poland

wieliczka salt mines with figures made out of salt

In 2018 I was challenged by a large pharmaceutical company to present them with ideas for five events that nobody has ever done.

I won’t be disclosing any details of my ideas but one: balloon flight in the famous Salt Mines of Wieliczka. I had two weeks to plan and prepare everything so I immediately turned to a specialist who informed me he would need two years to get all his ducks in a row. Undiscouraged I proceeded with the task but very soon I learned that one of my potential clients suffers from agoraphobia and claustrophobia which naturally balked the whole enterprise. Instead, I organized a series of events and parties inside the Wieliczka salt mine with bunch of surprises which I won’t reveal here.  At that time a Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘Lady with the Ermin’ was showing in Krakow Royal Castle and heaps of tourists were cramming to see it, the security guards shoved the curious folks away from the work after a couple of minutes of viewing to keep the crowd rotating.

However, my guests were permitted to spend a full hour alone with the Lady with the Ermin to savor da Vinci’s crafts and artistry. Moreover, they were accompanied by the curator and an art historian who shed light on the mysterious masterpiece and answered detailed questions about it.

A candlelight dinner to the tunes of French chansons and clanks of wine glasses beguiled the rest of the evening.

Right before my guests’ departure the next day they were presented with an opportunity to imbibe on the unique very strong Polish liquor plum brandy ‘slivovitz’ in a quaint rustical setting of the restaurant by the lake.

Both were very much to their liking, and they commended me on smooth tenor of the whole sojourn. From there they were escorted to the VIP lounge to check in at the Krakow airport.

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