Zelazowa Wola

Zelazowa Wola, located in a distance of ca. 1 hour’ drive north of Warsaw, is a birthplace of Frederic Chopin. The museum is located in two edificies; one of them is a modern museum, where, apart from visiting the museum you will also watch the movie about the composer’s life.

The second is a small manor house where Frederic Chopin was born. Both objects are located in a picturesque park. If weather permits, the scenery of the park is an additional bonus to take a stroll down the park and admire numerous trees, bushes and flowers, and the lake.

The park and the garden were designed by Franciszek Krzywda-Polkowski.  The grounds were revamped in 2010, making it one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.

The public began taking an interest in Chopin’s birthplace in the second half of the XIXth century – the annex was renovated and an obelisk bearing the composer’s effigy in bas relief was unveiled. In 1926 the most important renovation works were initiated. The interior of the manor house was rebuilt in 1948 based on a design  by Mieczysław Kuzma.


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